Gerüstschutznetze, typ: PRONET100

Gerüstschutznetze mit Drück / Werbegerüstnetze mit Drück

Scaffolding mesh
with print according to your request in minimum quantity of only 1 roll (200m2)! Fast delivery, available from stock.

We offer great quality scaffolding mesh with reinforced sides which can be printed with your logo and any other design in fullcolor. Each mesh roll can have different design and even designs on one roll can vary according to your request. Great for a custom advertisement for a certain building location. Variations in print are no extra cost. Print can be done horizontaly and vertically.

For example: Your logo + contact details + photo of building when finished

- polyester, 80gr/m2
- holes in the mesh 5x5mm
- white color
- mesh (1 roll) dimension: 2m wide, 100m long (1 roll=200m2)
- reinforcements on the mesh sides for easy attaching to scaffolding and also connecting of several rolls into one big surface
- holes in the side reinforcements are 2,5cm x 0,5cm, holes are 5cm apart
- white color
- delivery with and without print
- minimum order quantity 1 roll (200m2)

Please contact us for info on prices and delivery.

Detail of scafolding mesh. Reinforcements are on both sides of mesh:


Example of our scaffolding mesh on a construction site:


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